Sparkling jewellery, bridal hairpins and other super-yummy accessories handmade just for you!


Coco Joy is the creative works and wares of Natalie Zabrocki (Hello! That’s me!).
Born out of a love of making things, Coco Joy was created as a way to share these
lovely goodies with you.

Ever since a very early age I’ve loved to make things, sitting with my Gran on a Sunday afternoon making macaroni necklaces for my toys (as modelled above by a very old scruffy koala!) must have been a taste of things to come, luckily my collections and skills have developed since then, unless of course someone commissions a macaroni necklace for a koala bear!

I love to work with colour, pattern and anything that sparkles, you might guess that from my work, I blame my inner magpie! I’m sure you have one hiding in you too so my advice is to embrace it!

Each piece of jewellery is lovingly handmade using Sterling silver and an array of other gorgeous beads and bobs! Some pieces like my maxi charm bracelets are unique one
off creations because of the use of vintage components but other pieces can be made to order, so please get in touch if you happen to see something you like that is out of stock on the site.

Anything else you need to know about me? Well, as you may know by now, I love
design, graphics, illustration, screen printing and anything that involves hands on making and crafting. I have an unhealthy Disney addiction for a girl of age 29, I used to hate rollercoasters but now I love them after being forced by my husband onto the Hulk ride
at Universal studios, and I have a cat, Foster, who insists on sitting in the middle of my workbench amidst a mountain of beads and jewellery while I’m working, I reckon he
likes to think he’s the brains behind the operation despite his lazyness. He’s not eaten
a bead… yet.

Thanks for dropping by and please contact me if you have any questions at all about
my work or website,

Natalie xxx