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Christmas Hols! Woo!

December 23rd, 2010

Well… it’s Christmas Eve tomorrow and that means the start of holiday time at Coco HQ! Driving home for Christmas tomorrow with santa sacks of pressies and christmas cheer, yay! Hopefully the snow won’t cause us too much hassle, fingers crossed!

This means that Coco Joy will be hibernating from tomorrow until January the 4th when a manner of all things new and sparkly will be appearing in the shop, plus some exciting news about events which will be happening as a regular occurrence from January thanks to the lovely people over at Venus In Furs @ The Settle Down Cafe, so keep popping back to the site to find out more about that in the new year!

I hope you all have a super fantastic Christmas and New Year and all the best to everyone for 2011. Enjoy the Christmas fest!

Natalie xxx